Bible Seminar Kibondo

Posted on 4. Februar 2019

The plan of God

How can I Know the will of God for my life?

Life is like a journey. Some walk, some ride a bicycle, and some fly. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Moving forward without directions brings you somwhere. Everyone will end up somewhere, but if you want to know where you end up, you must know the directions. We belive God shows us the directions in his word, the Bible. We show you how to discover the map which God has provided. Invest in your life before you start your journey! Everyone will end up somewhere but only a few will end up in their calling!

3 month course

Basics of the Bible

In this course you learn how to read the Bible for yourself. We give you an overview of the books and the gospels..

6 month course

The Gospel of Mark

In this 6 month course we focus on the Gospel of Mark. We take a look at each vers. This will give you a clear understanding what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We show you how to read out of the bible and not in to it!

9 month course

Go deeper!

During the 9 month course you will learn more about the gospel of John and Mattew. All courses contain also practical work such as keeping the surounding cleen. We plan to educate the students with a certificate in mechanics, woodwork, and gardening.

Accommadation & Food


3 meals a day
pen and ruler
bed in dormetory (max 4 people)

Rooms of students



The Bible school in Kibondo was
started in 1997 to prepare
evangelists to be sent as local
missionaries to plant churches. Our
mission is to prepare the servants
of God in order to increase their
skills and knowledge on spiritual
matters for the glory of God.


The school has four full time
teachers, one part time, and three
volunteer teachers. The School dormitories have the capacity to accommodate 75
students. The school offers 3 months, 6 months and 9 months courses for evangelists. It also runs English courses,
special groups and refresher courses for Sunday school teachers, local missionaries, women leadership training and
other church worker’s training every year.


Subjects offered for evangelists include: Old and New Testaments, church history, Christian education, Sunday school,
leadership, worship, pastoral care, Islam, health, home craft and stewardship.


The challenges the Bible school currently face is the scarcity of students due to lack support to students to afford
paying for the training. Many students come from churches which cannot afford to pay for them. We are grateful to
some people have paid for some students. Also the school lacks infrastructure of water supply. Staff and students find
hard to stay there as they don’t find enough water.

Take action


We are so grateful for the organizations and churches that have continued to support the Bible school especially with
construction of staff houses, classrooms and residential houses. We would love to welcome you to partner with us in
any way you choose.


Feel free to contact us and find out how you can be a part of it. We are allways greatfull for volunteers.


Sponsor a student and become a partner of training kingdom builders!
Invest in willing students and see the world changed.

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