Instructions for publishing a newspaper article

I would like to publish something as a legal entity at YFW (Your-first-way). What awaits me and what do I have to do for it.

1st variant

I open the advertorial, find the product and buy it through the internal shop. With this purchase, you give us the order to place your article according to the provisions on Advertorial.


2nd variant

You buy a premium portfolio in our shop and create your portfolio. Then you accept the published journalists’ code and send it signed to Please note that in the case of grossly negligent breaches of the Code, legal action can be taken against the publicist.

Within 48 hours, we will provide you access under the associated category. In the future, you can log in via the smartphone with the unloq app.

The premium portfolio is valid for one year and entitles the holder to place unlimited articles on the given category for his activity (not for third-party companies) for free. However, this only applies if the articles are really set themselves, otherwise the 1 variant applies.


3rd variant

If you feel that you are sponsoring, please send us an application with justification at Applications will be processed and evaluated as soon as possible. To maintain the efficiency, we answer the request only with accepted or rejected. The decision is not justified.

In case of a positive decision, the premium portfolio will be sponsored by YFW. Otherwise, the further procedure of variant 2 applies.



Other sponsorships, which are not listed in the directory, are valid for 1 year. The company Yaamma GmbH will send you an electronic letter for the future extensions.

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