The YFW portfolio

More than just a news portal!

Your First Way is more than a news portal, Yfw is a platform that evolves constantly based on the needs of your customers. Every customer has the opportunity to become part of us and of course to cooperate with us. We would like to show you below why you always make the right choice with YFW.


Page 1 Placement on Your First Way

A good presence in our directory is not due to the most expensive entry. At YFW, each portfolio costs exactly the same. In order for visitors to find your company, the portal uses the location of the device with which the visitor visits our portal (if the visitor hereby agrees). Of course, companies can also be found using the filter properties (search term, industry, location). The list of search results is based on the most relevant representation, ie each company can influence its placement itself.


The profile and its possibilities

The home page of your portfolio should, like the introduction of a good book, make you want more. The visitor to your profile should be able to find his way around and quickly assess whether your company meets his requirements profile.

In addition to the actual company profile, with the YFW Premium portfolio you have the opportunity to further expand your presence. How to create and publish the products, services, events, or articles in the YFW Newsportal. True to the motto: Can it be a little more?

Create events and offers and share them with Your First Way readers or promote products, services, news items and publications on the YFW Newsportal. With your YFW company entry you always have the right tool to present your company professionally.

And the best ….. it will not cost you a penny more. But that’s not all. In addition to the YFW news portal, you can use any additional YFW module free of charge with your premium business listing. Also future modules are holders of a premium entry of course “free” available.

Although there are no real limitations in the number of articles, but our visitors thank you if the news portal is not abused as a spam sling. For this reason, we reserve the right to block content that does not comply with the principles. With a YFW premium entry, you present your company without much effort and without programming knowledge


What can the whole thing cost?

When pricing the YFW business listing, it was particularly important to us to make it transparent and easy. For this reason, YFW offers only one price model with a globally uniform price.

At Your-First-Way, we pack everything into one package, and this one can book our customers for a year without fear of subscription. If you do not renew your premium entry after one year, it will expire automatically.


annual cost

The annual cost of the premium entry is € 520.00 for the portfolio and one access to all YFW modules.

If you have further questions or suggestions, we are at your disposal. Send us an e-mail to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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